quarta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2011

Audrina Patridge electric blue sexy in Los Angeles

Audrina Patridge dazzled all with her metallic blue dress at the Rolling Stone magazine "American Music Awards" afterparty held at RSLA (Rolling Stone Restaurant and Lounge) in Hollywood. The AMAs is always attended by the music industries top mega stars, so any other celebrity guests will want to make sure they stand out. And that is exactly what Audrina Patridge did... Audrina made sure all eyes were on her by wearing an electric blue one-shoulder dress and eye-watering grey shoes to Sundays' Rolling Stone AMA after party. This girl really know how to get attention in the city of the stars that is Los Angeles. She finished her look with peach lip color and tousled, textured waves.

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  1. The woman in blue.

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  3. Audrina's assets aren't what they used to be since her drastic reduction procedure dramatically reduced their size. Look at the same style dresses a year ago, and now. In 2011 when she turns sideways sadly not much there. However for the first time since the reduction we see Audrina do the smart thing - put lift and support under her dress to give some boost to her bust and rectify the post reduction severe sagging. Result? She looked good. Hope she will employ the boosting technique more frequently now to regain her dramatic red carpet look.

  4. Great Blog indeed, we agree with Andrea. Most stunning about these pictures are that her shoes she wear don't have heels..... never seen this before.
    Thanks for sharing, love Mike & Eva xx

  5. She looks like she has gained quite a bit of weight.

  6. WOW!Really awesome!!!She looks sexy on that dress!!

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