sexta-feira, 3 de junho de 2011

Fashion Rio Summer 2012

Fashion Rio Summer 2012 happened in Rio de Janeiro with many parades of various brands, which brings in much new for summer 2012.

Parade of the brand in Salinas Fashion Rio Summer 2012
The first brand of swimwear to parade at the Fashion Rio paid tribute to the city by means of prints, fabrics,modeling. The idea was to reflect in part the city’s identity: warm, colorful, fun and sunny.

Parade of the brand in Filhas de Gaia Fashion Rio Summer 2012
The main detail of the parade came from the tethered belts, strong overseas trend that reaches the Brazilian catwalk with the brand.

Parade of the brand Espaço Fashion in Fashion Rio Summer 2012
The artist Leif Podhajsky, known for psychedelic work was the inspiration for the theme chosen for the collection.

Parade of the brand in Totem Fashion Rio Summer 2012
With inspiration from nature's elements, the pieces represented the calm breezes, smell the fresh air and relaxation of summer days.

Parade of the brand in  Acquastudio  Fashion Rio Summer 2012 
The brand specializes in clothing festival took to the catwalk, parts Geometricas , rollovers and Embroidery.

Parade of the brand in Melk Z-Da  Fashion Rio Summer 2012
Was the third to parade their creations on the night of Monday May 30, at the Fashion Rio Among the pieces presented by designer, dresses cut which referred to the leaves of Frida.

Parade of the brand in Alessa  Fashion Rio Summer 2012
With the theme of relics, the stylist presented a collection with a lot of color and sparkle to the catwalk.

Parade of the brand Coven on Fashion Rio Summer 2012
Came of India the inspiration for the 2012 summer collection of Coven. The process of building the collection came in a sort of rebuilding process and delicacy in parts.

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